I love sleep. My life has this tendency to fall apart when I'm awake.


The looks before the kisses will always get me. I feel like I appreciate them just as much or maybe even more than the kisses themselves. The looks are always so meaningful cause he takes in as much of her as possible, from her hair to her lips. It’s almost like he not only wants to imprint the moment into his memory but to also make sure that she is still into it an okay with him going in for a kiss. He always approaches so slowly and doesn’t close his eyes until his lips are on hers. Even during their “surprise” kisses you can see his desire not only just to kiss her but most importantly to reassure her. During the kiss in the disabled toilet it was him trying to tell her I don’t care about what you or anyone else thinks I deserve, I know what I want and it’s you. In the locker room it was like he was thinking stop talking this nonsense, you’re not weird can I kiss you now cause I’ve wanted to since like, forever. Think about how long this boy was pining for her throughout the Summer. How long he waited to finally get to call Rae his “girl.” How long he’s wanted to kiss her. Just think back to the cupboard during the sexy party. The desire for her was already there, even before that in my opinion. But, finally she’s his and he never took one of their kisses for granted. He was always so into it and he was always relishing every single moment he had his lips on hers.

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klaine hiatus challenge • day 8: favorite klaine hug
"I’m never saying goodbye to you"" 2x18 Born This Way

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fangirl challenge ▪ fifteen female characters

[4/15] Olive Penderghast (Easy A)

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make me choose
 crisscolfbin asked: Kurt’s butt or Kurt’s shirtless body.

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